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The Roundboy Story

A 35-year veteran as a stone, brick & concrete mason, wanted an outdoor oven to enhance an outdoor space that he was building for his family that they could enjoy for years to come.


Frequently asked questions about Roundboy Ovens


1. What colors are available?
Roundboy ovens are currently available in the following colors: A beautiful slate grey and a warm terra cotta clay. Each oven has a gorgeous textured slate patterned exterior and brick pattern chimney with stainless-steel flue.

2. What is included with the oven?
Each shipment contains the inner convection oven assembly, concrete base, fire-brick oven floor, outer shell with chimney assembly and assembly instructions. The kit also includes a small amount of mortar & high-temperature adhesive used in finishing the oven.

3. Is the Roundboy oven a complete kit?Unlike many of our competitors' ovens, the Roundboy oven is a complete finished kit that can be assembled quickly and easily. You can install the oven on your own base or purchase our optional custom steel stand.

4. How do I use the oven?

Our ovens are built strong and built to last with the proper care. It is very important that the first few fires be started slowly. The first few fires should be built small, and increase the heat over time. This allows the concrete to acclimate to high temperature use and avoids cracking. It is also important not to over-fire your oven. Only a few logs are needed, and the flames should just be touching the top of the inner dome when pre-heating and taken down to hot coals while cooking. The design of the dome traps heat, creating a convection air-flow to build the necessary temperatures and the fire-brick base creates a hot cooking surface. See the included instructions for more information.

5. Do you deliver or install?

We will deliver and install locally only for an additional charge. Please inquire. However, the Roundboy oven can be shipped to any address in the 48 contiguous states and can be installed in as little as one hour.

6. How long does it take to ship the Roundboy oven? Due to the size and weight of the oven, we need to ship them via freight trucks. Shipping times vary, but generally range from 3-5 days for most locations from the date it leaves our facility. Please allow 5 business days in addition to the shipping times for processing & preparing your order.

7. How does freight shipping work? How will my oven arrive?Because the shipment is large and heavy, we need to ship via freight trucks. We use a variety of freight carriers, all of which are either regional or nationally known trucking companies. We coordinate shipping through freightcenter.com, which is a third party logistics service provider.

When your oven arrives at your local destination terminal, the freight company will call you to schedule the oven's final delivery at your convenience. The oven will arrive on a truck which has a lift-gate equipped trailer to facilitate off-loading. The driver will unload the crated oven and deliver it curb-side.

Please inspect your shipment with the driver when it arrives. In the rare event that there is damage, please have the driver note it on the freight bill and accept the shipment. Contact us right away and we will replace any damaged parts. All shipments are shipped with freight insurance.

8. What if my oven is damaged in shipping?

Please inspect your shipment with the driver when it arrives. In the rare event that there is damage, please have the driver note it on the freight bill and accept the shipment. Contact us right away and we will replace any damaged parts. All shipments are shipped with freight insurance.
9. What do I need to assemble my Roundboy oven?
Each piece of the Roundboy stove weighs no more than approx. 70lbs. It's heavy, but is easily assembled by two people in as little as an hour. No special tools required. A step ladder & tape measure may be helpful in assembling your oven and a hammer may be helpful in disassembling the oven's shipping crate.

10. How long does it take to cook a pizza?
Once up to temperature, you can cook a pizza in less than 3 minutes. Just slide the dough in, and turn it frequently as the crust browns and the cheese bubbles. Careful, the pizza is hot!

11. Can you cook other items in the oven than just pizza?
Yes! You are really only limited by your imagination. You can cook steaks, ribs, burgers, breads, calzones, pies, etc. The oven can hold heat for several hours as well, so it is great for slow cooking other items as well such as roasts.
12. How safe is it?
As with anything that cooks at high heat such as an out-door grill, you should exercise caution. The oven gets up to temperatures over 700 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily reach 1,000 degrees. However, the outer shell is insulated from the fire by the refractory dome, insulating material and air-gap and will stay much cooler.

However, like with a gas grill, children should be supervised and caution exercised at all times! After cooking, the oven can be allowed to cool slowly. It can retain heat for several hours sometime even into the next day (you can use this residual heat to bake bread or slow-cook ribs).
13. Do you ship to Canada or other international locations?
Unfortunately, right now we are only able to ship within the 48 contiguous US states.

14. Where is the Roundboy Oven made?
The Roundboy Oven is hand-made by us in our workshop in Ashley, PA.

15. Does the oven come with a door or chimney cap?
We sell a color-matched door & chimney cap kit for the ovens as part of our Baker's Package. The chimney cap is an innovative design that completely seals the top of the oven to hold in heat for slow-cooking & to keep out water or dirt when the oven isn't in use.

The door is made of a decorative concrete with a refractory backing. It is a heavy-duty item designed to increase the heat retention of your oven and to seal it for storage. The door can be ordered in a color to match your oven.